Géza Perneczky
Protagonist of the Hungarian Neo-Avant-Garde

Conceptual Art from the 1970/80s

Géza Perneczky is a protagonist of Hungarian conceptual art and part of the Hungarian Neo-Avant-Garde. In 1970 the artist, art historian, art critic and author emigrated to Cologne, where he lives and works until today.

Géza Perneczky’s works can be found in collections such as The Metropolitan ­Museum of Art (New York), The Museum of Modern Art (New York), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Ludwig Museum (Budapest).

The Art of Reflection Book

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Edited by Patrick Urwyler, this publication is the first comprehensive presentation of Géza Perneczky’s conceptual photography, the artist realized between 1970–75 as a dissident in Germany. The publication is published and distributed by Verlag für moderne Kunst
Capa Center Exhibition View

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The milestone exhibition at Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest was the first comprehensive overview on the artist's oeuvre with focus on conceptual photography.


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